You know, so many of us see life in a distortion that isn’t serving us well… If this speaks to you then it may help you if you correct this in your mindset. This common and distorted way of thinking about life could be holding you back from what you are truly capable of.

The thought process that I’m talking about is that life is hard. Life is kicking you in the teeth at every turn. The life experience is a torturer that grinds the best of us down until we’re nothing and then it stomps on our head and puts us out of our misery. Sometimes, there’s a victorious twist to this line if thinking in that the subject rises up against the forces and gains a final victory. That’s all good stuff. We all overcome and win battles we’re fighting and I’m not saying this line of thinking is all bad. But, what I would like to point out is that it’s a universal law that you get more of what you’re focusing on, so in a world where you’re totally focused on how hard life is, how your teeth are getting kicked in at every turn, guess what you’re inviting? Yes. That’s right. More of the same.

It’s a person with an extraordinary mind that deals with incredible adversity and hardships and instead of focusing on the next wave of brutality headed in their direction, they sing praises of gratitude for the vision of goodness that exists in their life. That goodness may be vapor. It may be nothing but hope, yet it exists and it is the doorway to the real thing. So many incredible lives have been built on nothing but a prayer.

We need to strive for superior enlightenment and a vision of what CAN be and BELIEVE it sincerely if we are to reach our full potential. Nothing can kill a dream at it’s inception faster than the dysfunctional mind of the dreamer. Don’t allow your most precious asset; your imagination to be warped from that which summons forth incredible progress and growth to something that invites destruction from the inside out. You were given a most powerful gift and it’s prudent to use it with care and wisdom.

Once you know the universal law, it’s critical to align your thoughts in a way that pull what you want towards you and repel that which you don’t. Focus on the beautiful things around you. Sing praises for the abundance that has not yet arrived. Envision the incredible life that you desire to live and be there, in that moment, soaking in the feelings of that blessing and you will draw it to you indeed. No more will we chastise the day and lament life events that carry waves of harsh punishment upon us. That’s gone and buried because we’re aware of the universal law and we know that those things we desire begin with our ability to get some vision.

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Something that I’ve learned that I think is a valuable lesson in life, It’s that nothing is more worthwhile and rewarding than sharing something that you’ve learned that has made your life experience better. We can shave countless hours off of someone else’s time spent in frustration by just offering a little bit of gained wisdom. Failing gives you the leverage to give your learned experiences to someone else and advantage them in a way that makes that failure a huge win in the end. Changing your focus from the missteps or failed attempts to how you can help someone else avoid those pitfalls in the future gives meaning to something that otherwise might feel like a meaningless situation. I’ve heard it said that there’s no failing, there’s only learning ways that didn’t work. That comes from a Thomas Edison quote and it’s powerful because there’s a mindset there that will carry you through the valleys and propel you towards victory in life. We are here to serve. We’re here to make a difference. And one way we can do that is by adding value to others by sharing our own failures and vulnerabilities. Letting them know that they are not alone in their falters and errors. We can even help them avoid serious life altering errors through advice and shared knowledge. So teaching teaches not only the student but it also teaches the teacher that in every experience there is value, no matter what the outcome may seem to be in the moment directly following the attempts. Keep fighting for what you want in life and be courageous!

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This last week was a challenging one. Like the destruction of the storm before the rain and the abundant harvest. It was a tough one but somehow it was a reminder to endure and an echo of the promise that I’ve asked to come. I know that there’s an amazing, beautiful change arising soon. That, I can feel to the core of my bones. This little test was something that had to happen in order for the good to come into blossom. I don’t understand why, but I feel like that is the truth of it. Suffering and pain always accompany a breakthrough in life and we have to be ready to give that willingly without question, in order to be recipients of God’s unbelievable love and grace. Are you in the right frame of mind to receive that which you’ve asked for? Are you prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for those things that you’ve placed into the center of your vision for the the future? Have you suffered enough?

Sometimes, it’s not enough just to ask for what you dream of and desire in your heart. Sometimes, God asks a bit more from us to find out if we’re really willing to undergo the change required in order to have those things. Sometimes we’re tested and we must be ready with the right attitude and mndset. An open heart isn’t open if it refuses to accept the hardships that come along. We have to accept both sides of the coin in order to be able to enjoy the good. Walking through the darkness in the valley allows you to enjoy the beautiful sunshine on the mountaintop.

So, steel your heart with truth. It’s with knowledge and wisdom and a balanced perception that we can see that all of these difficult things are part of the process. Nothing easy bears the meaningful fruit. Nothing that comes without a price is worthwhile and longlasting. Make a consistent effort to not only ask God for those things that you want, but also readily accept the price that places on your experiences before you come to the place of your reward.

Abraham suffered tremendously before God fulfilled His promise. So it is in this life. It’s not always exactly how you have it envisioned but the beautiful rewards you pray about are yours if you remain faithful, seek understanding, willing accept the suffering and price of difficult change and always protect your grateful heart. Make it the treasure you protect above all else and know that your day of victory is near, my friend!

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Life can get away from you. One day, you’ve got your head down, just working hard to make a little headway toward something better and then you look up and 20 years have passed by and not much has changed. You’re still in a struggle. You’re still tied to that weekly stipend of a paycheck to make ends meet. Your responsibilities are bigger. Your children are well on their way to adulthood and you’re missing out on so much. Experiences. Time. Shared memories. Vacations. Laughter. Fun.

That isn’t the picture of life that you envisioned so many years ago. Your priorities have become upside down as life continually broadsides you with new emergencies and unexpected developments that steal more of your resources and time than you have to give. That’s where many of us find ourselves today. Working paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet. Bound and tied to a job that isn’t giving us any satisfaction or feelings of meaning or fulfillment. We blame ourselves for our predicament. We hold ourselves accountable for our failings and our inescapable position. Everyone else blames us too. Everyone around us reinforces the mistaken belief that not much can change. That’s life. Se La Vie.

I’m here to tell you today that that’s a lie. It’s vicious evil self delusion we bind ourselves with. You don’t have to feel obligated to give the biggest chunk of your most precious asset away in exchange for a tiny bit of security. Not when there’s a vehicle out there that can provide a way out. A few minutes here, a few minutes there can become building blocks for your brightest future, and in your circle of friends, you can lead the way to hope for a better life for them too. You can be the agent for positive change taking root all around you.

We have a duty to dream bigger and make a vision for ourselves and our loved ones that’s worth living. That’s not a life merely existing and getting by, but thriving and doing and pushing the envelope and growing and achieving and building and leaving a legacy and making a life of significance that will be a shining beacon for others to know what’s possible. That’s what we’re called to do and that is AdvoCare.

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So many times, we short ourselves by refusing to acknowledge and accept the true nature of our own power. Circumstances feel thrust upon us like a tidal wave of madness and chaotic randomness and we are overwhelmed. It’s easy to feel small in the face of never ending uncertainty and the mammoth ocean of life’s problems that threaten and engulf us at every turn. And we are small when think that way. We are as tiny ants being washed to and fro among the mighty waves of the sea because we believe it. Conversely, as humans with courageous hearts, we are as lions, incredibly powerful and unstoppable only when we allow that perspective to reign. Yes. We choose. We ourselves hold the very key to the outcome, the reality, the determination of future events and how time will unfold for us through our mindset, our vision and our choices to act in our own best interest.

So let me ask you. What choice will you make today? What is that threshold of tolerability for you in life going to be right now, in this very moment? Will it be a choosing of inability to cope, basking in a perpetual victimhood and suffering, or will you take on wings so powerful that the earth will disappear under your feet, as you rise to new plateaus of wonderous achievement? Listen to your heart and make a solemn vow to bring value to your life and others by claiming the correct viewpoint. Seeing yourself as you are. A being of power made in His image, reflecting His glory, witnessing His creation and taking full ownership of your birthright. Accepting your role and your place in the clock-like order of it all, not a castaway of unorchestrated chaos.

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In order to reach for the extraordinary, you have to have an open mind and acknowledge that change is possible. That current circumstances may give way to new bolder and improved arrays of possibilities. You’ll never even reach for more if you have convinced yourself that it’s for nothing. You’ll never be open to change if you’ve put shackles on your thinking that disallow you to break from the past and move forward into a brighter future.

I have a question for you. What is that limitation in your own thinking process and that you’ve come to accept as reality. What is that ceiling on your best possibilities in life that you have allowed yourself to be constrained by? It’s going to be something different for each of us, yet there is a commonality that strings every one of us together, and it’s this. We are the only person standing in the way between where we are today and the most extreme possibility of amazing contribution and achievement that could be. God hasn’t placed any limitations on our life. We have. Through our denial and doubt and disbelief and disillusionment. We have, Through our discontentment and ungratefulness and unwillingness. We have, Through our refusal and betrayal and blindness.

You see, we have every talent, every tool, every piece of information that we require in order to move in the direction of our perfect purpose. We have love innately in our hearts. We have incredible pools of data at our disposal. We have multitudes of connections at our beck and call. We have unbelievable stores of wealth that we are able to tap into and put to good use. We have everything that has been promised to us, yet we fail to adhere to the life that we must live in order to prosper because of our own mindset and disbelief.

You can change that equation today. You can put order back into the chaos. You can begin again and look into a brighter future today through simple, fundamental changes in your relationship to who you were born to be. We must reject the old mistaken ideas of the past and accept a new paradigm that defines us as children of a loving God. A people who accept our role in that and welcome the opportunity to bear that responsibility and help mold a new heaven on earth. We do that when we decide to believe it’s possible and take action on that belief. We do that by leading with our hearts. We do that by following the seed that’s been planted in our minds. That seed that leads to growth and desire to pursue dreams of exceptionalism. We do that by sharing that journey with our friends and those who will join us.

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When I started this journey, my mindset was focused on myself. Getting out of a bad health situation.Getting rid of the weight I had gained. Getting rid of the drinking habit I had acquired. Just moving out of a bad place. The motivation was pain. The pain of not being able to live a quality life. The pain of real bodily pain. The pain of not being able to move well or participate in life to the degree that I wanted to. That focus served me well and allowed to learn a lot of things about myself and finally escape the unbearable existence that I had created for myself. Now I’m feeling amazing, living well, happier than ever and the focus has shifted. My focus has now moved beyond myself to others who need help. Throughout this process, I’ve slowly come to realize that this gift of better health, a happier outlook, a positive future outcome is not just for me. It’s something that has to be shared to be fully worthwhile and to complete the circle. See, we all need help at some point in our lives. I needed that help, that push, and when the timing was perfect, everything just clicked and it was kind of magical. How amazing it is to be that spark of magic for someone else. How fulfilling it is to be the inspiration or the motivating factor that gets someone out of their complacency and into a growth mindset. That makes everything we go through in this process super meaningful! There’s no better feeling in the world. It’s revealed a purpose for a piece of my life that is bearing fruit in the lives of the people that I’m blessed to call my friends. And that list continues to grow. How wonderful it all is. We have a duty to ourselves and to our families to take care of ourselves so that we can be together longer, enjoy more time together, have that quality time that comes from an active, healthy life; but we also have a duty to those who are willing and who we come across in this journey to be the messenger of hope, of love and of action. You can have everything you want in your life. But it takes a commitment. That commitment comes just like anything else, in the form of a time commitment, a money and resource commitment, a mindset commitment and finally a follow through. Let’s al live better through a life of actively working on our fitness level and improving that area as much as we can so that we may live more abundantly. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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You are reading this because I think you are special. I see something in you that sparks some excitement and joy in my heart.

You see, I’m assembling a dream team of life changers and I think you may be a good fit.

This may or may not be something for you right now; timing is everything.

You won’t be able to make up your mind about it unless you’re open to learning what it’s about.

So that’s why I’m inviting you to set aside 20 minutes tonight – Thursday 8/16/18  between 5pm CST and midnight CST and watch this video!

It’s my charge to find talented and amazing people and invite them to take a look at what we’re doing.

So I’m really excited to share this with you and follow up with you to hear your thoughts..

–Jim V

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If you’re anything like me, you ARE NOT looking for yet another business opportunity, or yet another get healthy program.

Even if you’re miserable and so ready to make some huge changes in your life, it’s difficult to commit to stop in your tracks and become open to learning something you don’t know about.

Even if you are hungry for more, it’s too easy to glide right by this flyer and go about your day without thinking about what you might miss.

I know exactly how that feels. But this is so different. You’ll just have to trust me on this.

This may not be for you. But then again, it might be.

I thought that it wasn’t for me too. That was 80 lbs ago, before I let down my wall and opened my heart.

This is about positive change.

This about hope for a brighter future for you and your family for generations to come.

This is about partnering up with yours truly to make the best possible life we can together and changing lives all across the landscape.

I want to invite you to invest a short amount of time to watch this Thursday night, August 16, 2018  to see if this may be the thing that changes everything for you!



Then, if you’re ready to get started on the best possible life ahead for you. Come and join me!


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Life is busy and chaotic and is threatening to get even more so. The only thing that’s keeping me sane right now is working on my fitness goals and working on moving forward in my business of helping others! How many more people can be helped to better health, a better financial situation, a more positive outlook on their future? That is the question of the day! That’s going to be a larger number than I ever thought was possible because I’ve claimed it. There’s really no limit to our reach and our possibilities when we let our heart do it’s thing. That’s the natural state of things. Caring for people, lending a hand, walking arm in arm towards something incredible and making sure no one is tumbling along the way. We can hold each other up, Help each other up. Push each other up. Beyond our our own limitations. Farther than we ever dreamed was possible, but we have to accept it and take it on like a new identity. Because we’ve shed our old, tired and ineffective selves and replaced it with something new. Something wonderful and something incredibly powerful!

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